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   Human-machine Interaction Lab focuses on haptic interaction. Our goal is to discover and understand the mechanism of haptic in information communication, and to make creation and invention using the mechanism. Furthermore, we discuss the human-machine interaction mechanism under multi-sense channels, including haptic, visual and audio channels, and utilize the mechanism in various application areas.

   Haptics is a fundamental communication channel between human and environment. Various information, such as softness/hardness, coldness/hotness, thickness/thinness and shape of objects, could all be sensed by touch. Complex and subtle feeling communication can be realized via haptics.

   Haptic interaction discusses how to improve the communication between human and computer, and the communication between human and robots. Its application areas include: surgery simulation, entertainment, tele-robot, computer-aided-design and industrial design etc.


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◇2011 China workshop on haptics technology and applications Nov. 05, 2011 new

◇Visited DRP and CMU Monday July 18th~Friday July 22nd new

◇Prof. Xiao Jing visited our Lab May 20,2011 new

◇ICRA2011 in Shanghai May 17,2010 new

◇INRIA Christian Duriez Visited our Lab Apr. 28,2011 new

◇ROBIO 2010 Dec. 20,2010 new

◇ICIRA 2010 Nov. 25,2010 new

◇ICMA 2010 Agu. 9,2010 new

◇ASME WINVR 2010 conference Jun. 2,2010 new


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INTUITION Network of Excellence
Purdue: Haptic Interface Research Lab
CMU:Micro Dynamics System Laboratory
Northwestern U.Laboratory for Intelligent Mechanical Systems
the IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics